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Nike SB Challenge Court Behind the Scenes | Video

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Following a brief trailer teasing the behind-the-scenes story of Gino Iannucci's Challenge Court from Nike SB, the full-length version is now live for your viewing pleasure. The video features an interview with Gino, who grew up a tennis fan and still plays the game today. He reveals that it was a friend and tennis partner -- one who habitually wore the Nike Challenge Court when they played -- that originally gave Gino the idea to approach Nike about refashioning the model into a skate shoe. Meanwhile, the always outspoken John McEnroe, who wore the Challenge Court in the '80s as he cemented his status as a tennis legend, seemed content to pass the torch to a new generation: "It's nice to see the skaters using it," he said about the shoe, commenting that he liked the Challenge Court for the way it allowed him to feel low to the ground, translating to extra board feel for skaters. Check out the video below.