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OUTLIER Interview By Craig Holzer | Video

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In a video interview by Craig Holzer, Outlier co-founder Abe Burmeister explains an "outlier" is someone who lives in the outlying regions -- a commuter, in other words. But the name is a fitting one for the company because it also connotes uniqueness, of being informed with qualities that set it apart from the herd. In Outlier's case, those qualities have everything to do with filling a specific need through innovation and high-quality construction, while at the same time maintaining a clean and stylish aesthetic. Tyler Clemens, Outlier's other co-founder, expresses their mission in the simplest terms: "We make clothing for the 21st century." Check out the video below, and discover how the humble beginnings of the company lay in the search for the perfect pair of pants, and how it translated into the guys' philosophy of simply building the things they found missing in their lives.