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Herman Miller - Why Design Series | Yves Béhar

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The premier installment of the "Why Design" Series from Herman Miller centers around Yves Behar, founder of the San Francisco-based design and branding agency fuseproject. Behar has helmed the company through significant projects in the areas of technology, sports, fashion and furniture, with an eye toward sustainability leavened with a humanistic approach. Those results include the world's first $100 "XO" laptop for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization, a recycling program with Coca-Cola, the "MINI-Motion" sub-brand for MINI Cooper, and various furniture projects for Herman Miller. In the video profile, Behar discusses how he finds inspiration in his Bay Area surroundings, as well as the sport of surfing. He likens the activity to improvisational jazz, which in turn makes it similar to the art of design: he has to control and elide multiple elements at once and hope it doesn't all come crashing down on him. Check out the video below, along with a trailer for the entre Why Design series, providing a glimpse of future installments to come.