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Impossible Instant Lab | By The Impossible Project

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The Impossible Project -- formed by a group of "instant photography aficionados" dedicated to keeping the semi-ancient art form alive -- has created the Impossible Instant Lab, a collapsible and battery-powered device which turns your iPhone photos into Polaroid photos. The user selects the image through the Instant Lab app, places the iPhone in the cradle, opens the shutter on the base and waits for the signal indicating the exposure is finished. The resulting photo pops out and starts developing with the push of a button. The Impossible Instant Lab is up on Kickstarter now, with a $149 pledge earning a Lab with a voucher for free film -- roughly half the $299 retail price while ponying up the full cost gets you a special black version with an extra voucher. Learn more at the Impossible Instant Lab's Kickstarter page.