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Apple EarPods Earphones | Available Now

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It is quite apparent that Apple's pursue of perfection knows no boundaries. In a case of extreme make-over, Apple set out to re-invent its earbud-style headphones. For a more comfortable fit, Apple engineers started from sketch and created 124 prototypes, each a slight variation to the next. Then, they enlisted 600 people to test out the designs. Some ran on treadmills in extreme cold, others in extreme heat. Heads shook to the left, right, up, down, rattle and roll... All to ensure a snug fit during any activity.

Next challenge was acoustics. Well known to be inferior to the over-the-ear models, Apple sound engineers became fixated on an almost unreachable goal - a quality comparable to the world's best audio speakers. Then they went and sourced different materials for the diaphragm, along with the placement of acoustic vents. The results, earphones so perfect they renamed them "EarPods". Comes with a carrying case, the Apple EarPods are now available through Apple Store location and its online store for only $29.