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Porsche Cayenne Rinspeed Chopster | By Rinspeed AG

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The latest creation from the minds of the Swiss designers and tuners from Rinspeed is this Porsche Cayenne Chopster, which takes the cult design approach to "chop" off the roof line on almost any ride that can handle it. And the Cayenne SUV, one of the world's most versatile cars on the market, can definitely handle it, even if it seems an unlikely candidate. The team began by chopping off 70mm off of its height, added powerful fender flares, inserted wedge-shaped side skirts, and totally redesigned its front-end, complete with a thick bumper and side air intakes. Under that hood sits a 600-hp turbocharged engine, which is the beast to the interior's beauty. Each passenger has their own sport seat, has access to a redesigned center console, and bow-shaped cup holders that flip to reveal an on-board entertainment system that is equpped with a DVD player and a Sony PS2. Equally exclusive are details on its price and availability, which you'll need to contact Rinspeed about directly.