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The Bamboo Smartphone | By ADzero

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Even has the hype and rumors swirl around the upcoming Apple iPhone 5 release, two young designers from ADzero have taken the idea of environmentally-friendly gadgets to a whole new level. As its name implies, the Bamboo Smartphone distinguishes itself from the competition with its lightweight bamboo body, which houses a customized ADAOS operating system running on Android 4.0. Coming in a both a light and darker brown colorway, the bamboo body of this device is specially treated to withstand bumps, dings, temperature variations, and even water. Additional details and specs on the phone, however, are limited, but from the look of the pictures, it's safe to say there is a built-in camera, a large touch-screen interface, and an Acer or Samsung-style button lay-out. ADzero plans to release the phone at Tent London design festival, which runs from September 20-23, 2012 hosted at the Old Truman Brewery. 

via: designmilk