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Maiden Noir - Rise of the Seventh Capsule Collection + Pop-up Shop

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Seattle's Maiden Noir gears up to celebrate their seventh anniversary with the release of a capsule collection organized with the help of seven different brands: Challenger, Stussy Deluxe, NexusVII, New Era, Porter, Timberland and Skookum. The collection, which has been dubbed the Rise of the Seventh, includes a range of pieces such as Tee's, jackets, backpacks, caps, footwear, pants, chino's, vests, and outerwear, all of which have been woven together to maintain each brand's identify mixed with designer Nin Truong's militaristic edge. The Capsule Collection will be sold exclusively in a pop-up shop in the Stussy Harajuku chapter store for two weeks before then moving to Stussy NYC, Haven's Toronto location, and L.A. before then settling in Seattle. Each location will have the line-up available for two weeks at a time.

Event Details:Tokyo: September 15th - September 30th at Stussy Harajuku Chapter StoreNew York City: October 5th - October 10th at Stussy NYCToronto: October 19th - November 4th at HAVEN TorontoLos Angeles: November 2nd - November 24th at OUR FAVORITE SHOPSeattle: November 16th - December 2nd at TOTOKELO