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CONCEPTS x Sperry Top-Sider Sailmakers Loft Topsider - Fall 2012

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After an ambiguous hint on its website a few days ago, CONCEPTS of Boston finally revealed its new collaboration with Sperry Top-Sider. A re-visit of sort to a New England tradition, the CONCEPTS x Sperry Top-Sider Sailmakers Loft Topsider commemorate the art of sailmaking. With help from Quantum Sailmaking Loft at Newport, Rhode Island, CONCEPTS and Sperry compared notes on all the crucial elements to have on the Sailmakers Loft Topsider, including color, pattern, and fabric. Available in two color schemes, both will be for sale starting tomorrow at CONCEPTS retail location in Cambridge and its online store.

37 Brattle Street | Map
Cambridge, MA 02138

Release Date: September 14th, 2012 (Tomorrow!)

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