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LOOPWHEELER International Online Store - Coming Soon

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Even with its online store open, the only way to purchase a LOOPWHEELER product outside of Japan is to rummage through Nike Sportswear's old discount section or have a friend/relative to buy it for you when they are in Japan. That won't be the case forever. By the end of this month, LOOPWHEELER will be opening its first International Online Store, with the optimal word being "International". In a personal statement to his customers outside of Japan, LOOPWHEELER proprietor Satoshi Suzuki wrote:

To My Dearest Loopwheeler fans,
We are in preparation to launch our new online shop by the end of September, accepting international orders for our Loopwheeler products.
We thank you all for your kind patience, support and understanding.

There will be more information to come soon as the opening day approaches so stay tuned...