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PROMO - Bud Light Platinum Lifestyle - Club Style: Fall Shoes

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Once relegated as an afterthought, stylish footwear are now essential part of the equation in dressing well. But it isn't just about the footwear's silhouette, in fact the classics are still in fashion. Instead, its about the colors and the patterns, a pop of iridescent pink there, a dash of woodland camo here... As Fall encroaches, see the few must haves footwear of the season.


The Wingtip
No longer reserved for old geezers or funeral directors, the wingtip is a core staple for the guy looking to exude a little bit of class. From brown Windsor lace-ups to solid black with steel toecaps, there is a wide range of options that run from classic to the downright futuristic.


Thanks to the less-than-awesome guys who sometimes rock them, loafers are a little controversial. But they can be quite elegant when they're in the hands of the right designers. Penny loafers have made a resurgence (though the pennies tucked into the shoe sleeve thankfully haven't), in certain cases as hybrids (i.e. part loafer, part boot), and with fastening options ranging from laces to monk straps.


From cowboy to heavy work, and everything in between, of-the-moment designers offer boot options for any ensemble. If you're planning on getting down, however, try and make sure you're not hauling around 10 pounds on each foot. Might make things tricky.



Yes, slippers. But we're not talking about that ratty cotton blend pair your mom bought you for Christmas that you wear around the house in your sweats. We're talking about the numerous upscale models from top designers, constructed from materials ranging from shearling to velvet to suede, with prints varying from camouflage to leopard. The ultimate in style with comfort.