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No Place Like Home - GPS-Guided Shoes | by Dominic Wilcox

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In the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy finds that she's not in Kansas anymore she only has to click her heels to magically be transported home. Now, thanks to artist and designer Dominic Wilcox's No Place Like Home shoes, you too can find your way out of a tight spot and back on the road home. Using a GPS receiver and antenna integrated directly to a pair of smokey grey brogue shoes, once the wearer uploads their home address using a built-in USB-enabled device, the shoes will direct you home. Activated by a click of the heels, the shoes will guide you using LED lights embedded into the toes of the shoe; the left shows the direction you should be heading while the right shows a progress bar marking the distance reaming until your destination. Unfortunately, there aren't any plans for Wilcox to produce these shoes for a wide-release, but you shouldn't be surprised if you see more of this Get Smart footwear technology in the coming years.