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Samsung Takes On Apple iPhone 5 With New Parody Advertisements

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Even with a verdict against it, Samsung is ready to escalate its battle against Apple into a full-on War of the Roses. To undermine the announcement of the new Apple iPhone 5, Samsung started a new nationwide marketing campaign with a biting statement "It Doesn't Take A Genius", an obvious swipe at Apple Store's Genius Bar. On it, a side-by-side comparison of features on the Apple iPhone 5 and the already available Samsung Galaxy S III though you really have to wonder if Samsung is deliberately listing all the functions of its phone.

In this war of marketing ploy, however, Apple need not to get its hands dirty. Less than 24 hours after Samsung published its advertisements, Apple fans hit back with their own Photoshoped versions. One asked "Don't Settle For Cheap Plastic" and put the Samsung Galaxy S III in its place. Another finished Samsung's original "It Doesn't Take A Genius" statement with "To Figure Out Which Of The Phone Is Uglier". Expect more strikes and counterstrikes from both sides till Apple launches iPhone 6 or whatever the next iteration might be...



via: Business Insider