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Hyper-Matrix Cube Wall By JônPaSang

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Korean media artist group JônPaSang cooked up something special for the Hyundai Motor Group pavilion at the 2012 Yeosu EXPO exhibition: the Hyper-Matrix Cube Wall. Essentially a wall that moves to form intricate patterns and shapes, the art installation is made up of a grid of white Styrofoam cubes, each measuring 1 foot by 1 foot and able to slide in and out to create impressions on the wall. The wall itself spans 148 feet wide and 24 feet high, and doubles as a canvas for video projections. The various parts are controlled by 3375 customized actuators and stepping motors, with the project having been completed after two months of work. Check out video of the Hyper-Matrix Cube Wall in the video below, as well as a how-it's-made feature.