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Nike Bowery Stadium NYC Flyknit Collective by Jenny Sabin

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Nike's Flyknit, their 1.2 ounce running shoe made from a seamless knit material, looks as if it was born in another time. It incorporates the flexibility, movement, and design of the human body as a bio-dynamic model and when you zoom in on it it almost looks cellular - an extension of our own bodies. To help introduce the Flyknit to the world, Nike has commissioned the Flyknit Collective where artists from around the world interpret the design into a sensory experience like Ernesto Neto's display in Rio de Janeiro we previewed yesterday. This past weekend, New York City launched their own project created by Jenny Sabin, which is hosted in Nike's Bowery Stadium. Just like those in London, Shanghai, and Rio, Sabin created a design inspired by a cross section of the human body as well as the core ethos of the Flyknit shoe: performance, lightness, formfitting and sustainability. Her display will be open to the public through November, providing guests with an experience and introduction to the Flyknit they won't soon forget.

Nike Stadiums NYC Bowery
276 Bowery | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-925-0300