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Nike Flyknit Collective Rio de Janeiro Presents Ernesto Neto

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Purely a coincidence or perhaps he's fulfilling a destiny long foreseen by his forefathers, but Ernesto Neto's 40 meter long by 12 meter wide handmade crocheted net became the cornerstone of Nike's Flyknit Collective's Rio de Janerio exhibition. Upon entering Rio's old Leopoldina train station, each of the over 600 visitors were presented with a sensory experience that began with a history and the benefits of Nike Flyknit technology, continued with exploring Neto's colorful, twisted and suspended net, called the ObichoSusPensoNaPaisaGen, and finished with food, drinks, and music. The ObichoSusPensoNaPaisaGen, whichis obviously visually stunning and overwhelming, was designed to be a "sculpture that swallows people" and, as you can see in the gallery after the jump, the visitors had an equally physical and visual experience they won't soon forget. It has been said that Neto's work is able to love you back and after experiencing something of this magnitude, it's easy to see why.