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BNE Water Foundation x Godzilla x Doraemon x Astro Boy - Fukushima Relief Project | Preview

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Aside from the cliché reference to Japanese pop culture, these designs, conceptualized by the notorious graffiti artist, BNE, hide a deeper meaning. Both Astro Boy and Godzilla are fictional stories that have a very strong message against nuclear power. Most may know that Godzilla was born out of nuclear testing off the coast of Japan. Furthermore, Astro Boy, a boy-like android, and Doreamon, a robot in a form of an ear-less cat, are fueled by nuclear power. The creators of these stories were all too aware of the dangers of such powerful energy, especially after atomic bombs devastated Japan in the past. BNE Water Foundation will be launching these three designs as part of the Fukushima Relief Project from next Monday, September 24, with 100% of the profit going towards aid and relief efforts.