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Estanzuela Sanctuary By Ai Weiwei / Fake Design

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Every year since the 17th century, over two million Mexicans take part in the Ruta del Peregrino, or the Pilgrim's Route, a 117km journey through the Jalisco mountains as a representation of their faith. In an effort to provide the route with better conditions and to help to increase the connection and intimacy travelers feel along the route, nine architects and designers were brought in to help build seven architectural landmarks, including  the recently finished Estanzuela Sanctuary by Ai Weiwei. The Estanzuela Sanctuary carves into the landscape perpendicular to the route itself, built from stacked stone that rises up to ground level and continues on above ground at its southern tip. A continuous bench stretches across the length of the wall, providing each visitor with a chance to find their own unique view and reflection point.  View additional pictures of the design and the plans for the rest of the locations after the jump. 

via: designboom