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Ice-T - "Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap" Documentary | Video

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In the early '90's, Ice-T was known to be a menace to society who rapped "Cop Killer" long before becoming the TV and reality star we see of him now. Returning to his hip-hop roots, Ice-T's summer-time documentary, Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, sees him lining up candid interviews with some of the game's biggest names and greatest lyricists, including Q-Tip, Nas, Eminem, Grandmaster Caz, and Rakim, discussing the meaning of "real hip-hop," how they got their start, and what's next for the business. You can think of this work as a piece of the larger anthology of a genre of music that still continues to carve out its place in popular culture. Previously his documentary could only be seen in theaters, but you can now see his directorial debut online here

via: FreshNGood