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A.P.C. Butler Jeans - Japan Launch Editions by Jean Touitou

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In the days of nobility, aristocrats would requested their butlers to "break in" any new clothing for a time period, all to attend a more comfortable fit. Hence the name to A.P.C.'s Butler Jeans, where the label will buy back its worn denim, wash, repair, and sell them with the initials of the former owner. Already a hit collection among A.P.C. stores in the U.S. and Europe, the French fashion label will be introducing the Butler Jeans line to its Japanese retail locations starting on October 25th. To facilitate its launch, Jean Touitou, A.P.C.'s founder and creative director, will put 25 pairs of his own Butler Jeans on sale for the occasion. Each "customized" with his unique wear and tear marks, Touitou cleaned, repaired, and then finished a pair with his own initials. The launch event is set to kick off end of this month at the ten A.P.C. retail locations in Japan. For information on availablity and purchase process, please contact A.P.C. Japan for details.