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Magic Lantern - New Firmware for Canon EOS 7D

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This week the firmware hackers at Magic Lantern discovered a way to expand the suite of available functionality of Canon's flagship digital SLR, the EOS 7D, to include a host of extras that were not brought over from previous models. Canon either decided against or couldn't find a way to continue to offer goodies such as focus peaking, focus staking, zebra striping, and other audio and time-lapse controls that many other HDSLR owners enjoy due to the 7D's dual DIGIC processors. But, the ML team figured out a way to port their Magic Lantern software over to the 7D, expanding its ability to also be a gem to filmakers and preventing the need to downgrade to keep the perks. Essentially what the team did is find a way to run the upgrade firmware alongside Canon's, plus it can be easily removed if you run into any issues. Magic Lantern put together a pretty rough video explaining their fix as well as some of its new key features, which you can view after the jump. 

via: gizmag