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Wrangler x THRILLS Co. - "Welcome Stranger" | Video

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Drawing partly from its history as the lead denim supplier to cowboys and wildcatters along the American West, Wrangler tapped THRILLS Co. of Australia, to create a modern day re-telling of adventure and outlaws. The result is "Welcome Stranger", a short film that highlights the sense of boundless freedom and the perilous danger that comes with it. Written and directed by Riley Blakeway, the film include Wrangler's latest collection along side THRILLS Co.'s many vintage "props". While the film gave no definitive answer on the questions it poses, it might not matter at all, because whether you're chasing or being chase by, its the journey that matters the most.

Filmed by Riley Blakeway
Featuring Vinnie Woolston, Emily Jean Bester,Tahnee Pinches & Mike Pringle
Produced by Wrangler
Original score by Ali Helnwein
Styled by Jessica Roberts
Hair & Make Up Jody Oliver
Props by Thrills Co