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Banksy Offered in Sotheby's Contemporary Art Day Auction

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British artist Banksy doesn't pull punches; his street art, sculpture, and graffiti combine dark humor with satire and almost any idea, emotion, and theme is on the table. And now, on October 13, at Sotheby's Contemporary Art Day Auction, you can throw in your own bid for a chance to own a piece of his work, a truly rare opportunity given the fact that Banksy's art is usually labeled as vandalism by the British government.  Bansky's forlorn "Girl With a Balloon," "Bronze Rat" statue, and an untitled piece on steel are all expect to fetch top dollar at the event. Other leading names in contemporary art, such as Christopher Wool, Sergej Jensen, Ahmed Alsoudani, Thomas Houseago, and Ai Weiwei will also have pieces available for sale. The auction itself will be held in two parts, a morning and an afternoon session and a complete listing of the pieces are available via the Contemporary Art Day Auction's homepage.

via: Sotheby's