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PEUGEOT ONYX Concept Scooter

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PEUGEOT doubles-down on the ONYX Concept line to bring them back into the black with the announcement that their ONYX Scooter will join their ONYX Supercar at this year's Paris Motor Show. The ONYX Scooter is powered by a 400cc internal combustion engine joined by an eletric motor and is capable of delivering 45kW of power to its single 17-inch rear wheel for 30 miles of all-electric travel. The Scooter shares the black matte and copper finish and the plug-in capability, but maxes out at 150km/h and 60 horsepower -- far below the mind-bending speeds reached by the 660-hp engine within its four-wheeled cousin. In between the cockpit and the back seat is a storage unit PEUGEOT is calling the ClipBox, which the rider can lean against while in 'Sport Mode' or they can remove to switch into 'Urban Mode" for a more traditional scooter experience. You can view more leaked shots at the PEUGEOT ONYX Concept Scooter and its transition from design to reality after the jump.

via: autoblog