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Hot Wheels - 92 Feet World Record Corkscrew Jump in a Real Buggy | Video

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As a kid, you had your Hot Wheels cars do some pretty insane stunts, launching over Lego buildings or having them fly off ramps. The thing about the Hot Wheels Test Facility is that these guys are adults and they're using real cars to attempt to perform the same tricks. While jumping cars is nothing new for driver Brent Fletcher, landing a ramp-to-ramp 92-foot corkscrew jump is. In fact, it's a new 18 foot world record, which had Fletcher and his specialized 2,600-pound buggy rotating 230 degrees per second after leaving the platform at 54 miles per hour. A lot went into making this stunt happen and for Fletcher's landing be so smooth - if any calculation was off by even mere centimeters the team with drastically different results. Check out the jump after the click to see how the team pulled it off.