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Filson x Burton - Winter 2012 Collection

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Filson x Burton's latest Winter 2012 Collection fills that growing demand for snowboarding and winter weather gear that doesn't make you look like you're about to scale Mt. Everest with its techy look. Here, the longtime classic outdoor gear retailer and the snowboard giant builds three new looks that have a workwear, rugged feel to them as if your gramps had them back when he was carving it up after a long day at the mill. In particular, this year's collection sees the Squire, Sentry, and Hellbrook jackets, all fitted to be comfortable, functional, and clean without all the retina-burning neon technical fabrics; just the stuff we know that works well and looks even better: mackinaw wool and 100% cotton tin oil cloth with satin/fleece linings and Sherpa-lined hoods.  All of these are available now at CONCEPTS Boston online and in-store.

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