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Bentley - Continental GT3 Race Car

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Le Mans Racing fans have been licking their chops for over a year now to see Bentley's return to the race under the GT3 category. Now, Bentley gives the masses what they want: a sneak peak at their Continential GT3 Race Car ahead of its unvieling at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, which is pretty much as mean as it can get. With a set of wide, curvy fenders, a redesigned aero front and rear end, and a massive Bentley-stamped rear spoiler, this luxury-ride-turned-track-terror is something to behold. According to Bentley, this is 95% of what we will see if this GT3 makes it to the starting line, but that last 5% is a big deal, due mainly to its oversized 6.0-liter W-12 engine that must be changed out to a V-8. Bentley is being tight-lipped on the specs, but just the fact that they're considering a return to the endurance race they dominated in the 1930's is more than enough to keep the hype alive.

via: autoblog