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KAWS in Tokyo & NYC (1997) | Video

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As part of VANS' "Throwback Thursday" feature, the brand spotlights this video shot back in 1997, depicting a fresh-faced Brian Donnelly, aka KAWS, in New York City as he applied his signature touch to his first ever NYC bus stop. Legend has it that KAWS turned to this particular medium after fellow graffiti artist Barry McGee gave KAWS a skeleton key that could unlock plastic advertising boxes on the sides of phone booths and bus stops. He then began altering ads with cartoon skulls featuring Xed out eyes, or spermatozoa in bright pastel colors, effectively putting his name on the street art map. The following video, directed by Pedro Carvajal and edited by Kevin Chapados, documents those halcyon days, when KAWS made his mark on the streets of Tokyo and Japan in 1997. Uploaded by JetSet Graffiti in 2008, it's also part of Ron English's Popaganda Collectors Edition DVD. Check out the video below.