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Black Limited Edition - Custom All-Black Vintage Rolex Watches

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It is quite difficult to pin Alejandro Alcocer down to a job description. An author, a caterer, chef, entrepreneur, fashion designer... well, you get the idea. What's not difficult to see is Alcocer's love and his near-obsessive compulsion to realize something he believes in. Some time ago, Alcocer learned the story about some rare all-black Rolex watches. Apparently around the 1960s, Rolex made a special all-black collection, 500 in total, for British soldiers stationed in South Africa at the time. Fascinated by the idea, Alcocer went to locate one for himself, though his quest was a futile one. The disappointment quickly became a plan of action and the outcome was Black Limited Edition. In just a short amount of time, Alcocer amassed some 350 vintage Rolexes. He then sought out experts to customize each and every one of them into an all-black creation. A total of seven classic Rolex designs (Sea-Dweller, Explorer, Submariner, GMT Master II, Explorer II, GMT Master) are available, with fifty pieces in each style. You can purchase a Black Limited Edition directly via email or telephone orders.