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Nike Flyknit Collective Beijing - "Feather Pavilion" | By Arthur Huang

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Whereas the allotted space limited his Shanghai installation during the Nike+ Festival of Sport 2012 festivities, Arthur Huang 's creation, "Feather Pavilion", truly shined through against the summer night sky of Beijing. A part of the ongoing Nike Flyknit Collective, an exhibition that highlights the convergence of art and technology, Arthur Huang sought out to explore the four elements of Flyknit, Nike's newest performance technology in his large scale creation. With the help of his own research & development firm, Miniwiz, and Nike's combined resources, Huang outfitted an industrial complex with the high tech fabric. Within the temporary structure, much like a demonstration platform for visitors, the interlinked yarns embodies Flyknit's unique attributes in performance, its lightweight, the optimal fit, and sustainability. But the scope of influence went beyond the material science of Flyknit. With carefully orchestrated lights and harmonious background music, Huang wanted each person to embark on their own personal journey through the act of conceptualizing the possibilities while underneath the strand covered sky.