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SWISS MOUNTAIN HÄNDBÄGS - Genuine Swiss Army Blanket Duffel

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Traveling can be rough on you and your wallet, but that doesn't mean that your cargo has to look like it just was drug through the depths of Mordor when you reach your destination. If you want a bag that can handle a bit of action and still keep your kit safe, it makes sense to turn to the Swiss Army and a bag made from a genuine pure wool blanket hand-woven issued to their soldiers over 40 years ago. Even if you aren't a military gear enthusiast, you have to appreciate the history behind an authentic piece, especially when it's waterproof (thanks to the tarpaulin liner) and has a range of pockets to easily organize your toiletries, shoes, clothes, and other gadgets. If it looks this good after 40 years, imagine where it will be in another half century.  This one by SWISS MOUNTAIN HÄNDBÄGS can be yours directly from Hammacher Schlemmer online or at this location in NYC.

Hammacher Schlemmer

147 East 57th Street | Map
New York, NY 10022

via: Cool Material