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Coca-Cola Bottleware | By nendo

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In 1915, Earl R. Dean set out to produce a bottle for Coca-Cola that would be so unique, it could be recognized when felt in the dark. The result was the now-ubiquitous Contour Bottle design, which is still being used around the globe. Fast-forward 97 years, and Coca-Cola has teamed up with Japanese creative studio nendo to create this unique Coca-Cola Bottleware. The glassware makes use of the distinct green tint and air bubble pattern of the Contour Bottle. All of the items in the Bottleware series are made completely from used bottles, hand blown by artisans in the Aomori prefecture in Japan. Each design will be produced in 500 units and sale will start at the end of this month. These will be sold predominantly in Japan, followed by select stores internationally.