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VANS Vault Mountain Edition Decon LX - Catcher's Mitt

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Getting your first baseball glove is a rite of passage for every young ball player because there's more to the mitt than just catching a ball. Owning a quality glove takes a level of respect for the traditional processes and materials that go into making it both work for you day-in and day-out and to maintain its classic look. VANS Vault took hold of these concepts and have built them into this Horween leather version of the Mountain Edition, which they are dubbing the Catcher's Mitt. VANS took the same premium, supple leather used in the glove and worked it into the high-top silhouette, adding contrast stitching for a glove-like look, and finished it with boot laces and a leather coating for the velcro toe strap. Underfoot, VANS went with a reverse waffle sole for added traction and a white vulcanized midsole. Just like your favorite mitt, this one will last a lifetime. Available now at the VANS DQM General retail store and DQM online shop.

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