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PEUGEOT - ONYX Concept | Detailed Look

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Based on the design study we previewed back in early September, we knew that PEUGEOT's ONYX Concept (and matching SCOOTER) was worth a detailed look when it arrived at the Paris Motor Show. This one-off supercar concept has a striking exterior made of carbon fiber with fenders clad with lightweight copper sheets, giving it a shine that's hard to ignore. PEUGEOT says the ONYX weighs in at 1,110kg and with a 680-hp diesel-hybrid underneath, PEUGEOT definitely has our attention. With its debut, we now also have more information about its specs, including the 3.7-liter V8 engine that uses kinetic energy recovery to produce 80 of those horses, stored in a lithium-ion battery until it's needed during acceleration. The cabin will also have you rubbing your eyes in a dreamy haze with more carbon fiber, a uniform piece of recycled felt as a lining, and a center console and dash made of the hottest looking compressed newspapers you've ever seen, made to mimic the grain of natural wood. In sum, the future is looking bright for PEUGEOT. 

via: autoblog