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Zeal Optics - iON Goggles with Integrated HD Camera

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Do-it-yourself action cams like those offered by GoPro are great for capturing your adventurous exploits, but they do add an extra appendage that you have to manage along with your other gear to make sure you're capturing the right shot. That's why Zeal Optics' latest snazzy gadget, iON Goggles, may just be the future of on-board cameras. Designed to look and function like any other pair of high-end ski goggles, the iON Goggles pack a 170-degree lens with infinity focus to help you film or snap pictures of your jumps, tricks, and scenic views, automatically adjusting for lighting conditions. At the end of your ride, you can then play your HD-quality clips and photos back inside the goggles on a built-in viewfinder using large, glove-friendly buttons on the side of the frame. The iON Goggles run on a rechargeable battery able to shoot for up to three hours. Oh yea, and the lenses are anti-fog and offer 100% UV Protection. On sale now directly on Zeal Optic's online shop.