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BRAUN - Vintage RT 20 Table Radio | Designed by Dieter Rams

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We may not find ourselves circling around BRAUN's Vintage RT20 Table Radio eagerly awaiting the latest episode of Little Orphan Annie or Howdy Doody, but as adults we can respect the simple visual excellence and sound it represents. With no extraneous details or decorations, this Table Radio was designed by Dieter Rams with a simple front face with logical dial placements, a slight upward slant to its body for ease of use, and a single loudspeaker concealed behind a circular slat pattern. In addition to its vintage, minimalist design, BRAUN also included a universal power adapter to attach to its original 1960's German power cord to allow the radio to allow it work in the US for the first time. Sit and Read has this now for sale online and in-store.

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