Une Bobine - Flexible iPhone Stand


Having gone from zero to 1,000 percent funded on Kickstarter in just 19 days, Une Bobine is now in full production and available for purchase. French for "a coil," Une Bobine is a flexible stand/sync/charging cable for iPhone or iPod Touch (plus a micro-USB version for Android) from the creative minds at [Fuse]Chicken, a design and engineering offshoot of Fawcett Design. To put the stand to work, just plug in the USB connector to your computer or hub, plug the other end into your device, and then bend and curve the metal-covered coil into any shape you can think of. (For iPhone 5 owners, Fawcett promises a Lightning adapter scheduled to launch in about a month). Available in 24" and 12" lengths, Une Bobine is available for purchase here.