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Heineken x Public School - Heineken100 Duffle

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Heineken wants you to crack open their latest collaboration with popular menswear brand, Public School, as part of their Heineken 100 series celebrating tastemakers from every corner of the globe. For this collab, the duo presents an exclusive camo weekender duffle bag, featuring a black and navy jacquard twill shell, fitted with leather accents and black nylon straps. On the inside of the large zipper compartment, Heineken's emerald green bottle color pops, creating a smooth space to secure your gear. After the click, Public School's menswear designer, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne speak about their role in the project and how Heineken acknowledging their work is a great chance to showcase their style and personality and share it with a larger audience. A lucky 100 influencers and celebrities are on the Heineken100 list to get one, the rest of us will have to hope for a lucky hand-me-down.