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"Instant: The Story of Polaroid" Book | By The Impossible Project

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To the current generation, Steve Jobs is a genius who turned his extraordinary vision into commercial success. Yet, Jobs modeled his company and presentation techniques around another genius of the former generation, Edwin Land, the founder of Polaroid. Just as Jobs was ahead of his time, Land was also way ahead of his time and he predicted the future of portable cameras as something that can be carried around at all times like wallets. Furthermore, Jobs counts Land as one of his personal heroes, and it is not a surprise that Apple and Polaroid have many similarities. Instant: The Story of Polaroid explores the life of Polaroid in its richest form, delving deep into the company and its founder from its inception to mass production. Watch the trailer for the much anticipated book on the video underneath, and the publication can be ordered directly from The Impossible Project online shop.