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Ball and Buck Presents - Making The Perfect Shirt | By Mark Bollman

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Originally appearing on our radar with their collaboration with New Balance on the camo-infused US574, the guys at Ball and Buck have completed their latest high-profile project -- namely, the Hunters Shirt, aka the "perfect shirt," derived from asking their customers the question "What is the one piece of clothing you couldn't live without?" 9 out of 10 respondents answered, "A button-down shirt." Consequently, 24-year-old company founder Mark Bollman turned to Kickstater for funding help, and with eight days to go the project stands at 130% to goal. So what goes into the perfect shirt? The made-in-America button-down is crafted from 60oz oxford cloth, featuring a reinforced shooting shoulder, stay strong collar and reinforced elbow patches, all contained in a silhouette that "works for every body type." Submit your pledge at the brand's Kickstarter page, or pre-order the shirt here.