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Coming in three different models, GoPro latest in their line of Hero cameras, the HERO3, proves to be lighter, faster, and pack a higher resolution than their predecessors. The Black Edition is the GoPro's flagship model, offering 4K video resolution capture and a faster processor allowing you to capture your ride in 1080p60, 1440p48 and 720p120 modes as well as HD stills. The Silver Edition also captures 1080p video, but it maxes out at 11MP for the stills while the White Edition taps out at 5MP. All three offer WiFi, but only the Black comes with a remote (the other two are compatible with the $79 after-market accessory) capable of controlling up to 50 cameras at once within a 60ft range. All models also weigh in about 25 percent lighter and are 30 percent smaller in size and come with their own line of add-ons and accessories to customize your experience. You can now pre-order the Black, Silver and White editions at GoPro for $399, $299 and $199, respectively, or you can just wait until they hit retailers worldwide in the coming weeks. If you need any more reason to pick one of these up, check out their promo video after the click.