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DELTA SiX | By David Kotkin

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Designed with the help of special operations operators, David Kotkin's DELTA SiX replica gun controller just may be the final piece you need to elevate your first-person shooter experience to the ultimate level. Built with an internal accelerometer that allows you to aim by actually moving your muzzle point plus realistic recoil with each trigger pull and realistic magazine reloading, Kotkin claims the only way for things to get any more real is for you to enlist. The DELTA SiX doesn't have distance requirement and will be compatible with XBox 360, PS3, and your PC, allowing you to make this device your go-to tool for every FPS game you have. The controller also comes with either a black or a white shell with an orange tip, enhanced optics in the scope, and controller buttons built into the back grip. Kotkin's project launched on KICKSTARTER today with a goal of raising $500,000. Let's hope he gets there or there will be some pretty angry gamers out there.