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Levi's Waste < Less Denim Collection

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Traditionally, manufacturing of clothes relies on using natural or synthetic yarn, which is produced from scratch. Alternatively, Levi's have initiated a new program called Levi's Waste < Less to introduce a new manufacturing method to help reduce post-consumer waste. These denim products seen here are constructed from used PET plastic and polyethylene terephthalate materials - mostly consisting of brown beer bottles, green soda bottles, clear water bottles, and food trays - collected from various recycling points across the nation. First, the bottles and trays are separated by color, and then crushed into flakes to be processed into a polyester fiber. Finally, this fiber is blended with cotton fiber, turning them into a cotton yarn for manufacturing this denim line. Official launch is slated for Spring 2013 season, and stay tuned here for more information on this collection.