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Coren Urban Bicycle by Christian Zanzotti

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The great-great-grandfather of our modern bike was invented in Germany back in 1817 and since that time there have been numerous takes on its design. But, it wasn't until the late 1800's that the modern form of the bike we use today began to take shape and over time both casual and performance riders have continued to refine it's comfort and speed. Germany's Christian Zanzotti of Ulf Bräutigam Composites, however, wants to add another milestone to the history of bike design with the introduction of his Coren Urban Bicycle, which was designed and built to the same standards as that of Formula 1 cars, essentially remaking and rethinking everything we have come to expect about conventional bikes. The Coren brings together German and American manufacturers, including Tune, Schmolke, BOR, Trickstuff, ENVE, and Gates to craft a bike with a mind-boggling level of detail, such as such as CNC-milled fork ends, a rear light integrated into the seat tube, and a cowhide-covered saddle and handle bars, to name a few. It also comes in a single-speed and a fixie, with an electric motor-assisted version in the works. Familiarize yourself more with the future of cycling after the jump.

via: MoCo Loco