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Nike+ FuelBand x Path - A Day with Ndamukong Suh | Video

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Detroit Lions might have lost last night's game to the Chicago Bears (or Da' Bears) last night. But what's everyone talking about this morning was Ndamukong Suh's hard hit of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The tactic was simple and brutal. Suh made a quick work of Bears guard Lance Louis and dashed for Cutler during the 2nd quarter. As if the game time became a play-by-play reel, Suh braced Cutler by the left arm and wrestled the quarterback to the ground. The violent takedown put Cutler on the sideline temporary. It also put the spotlight on Suh again as a player with propensity for violence.

Earlier this year, Nike+ FuelBand and Path documented portions of Ndamukong Suh's training during Nike Pro Camp at Nike World Headquarters. Here is how Suh becomes a 6-foot 4, 300+ pounds, a Moving Wall of Terror on the football field.