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Toyota Sequoia - DragQuoia Concept

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"DragQuoia" is a fitting portmanteau for this Toyota Sequoia on steroids, created by the automaker for the SEMA trade show. Packing a 650-horsepower TRD supercharged V8 with nitrous, the vehicle has been stripped of 1,600 pounds of "non-essential" weight, resulting in a nine- to ten-second quarter mile. The DragQuoia sits on massive 21.5-inch wide rear tires, and features four individual racing seats (including a child size version for families running late to the piano recital), full-custom roll cage and a tail-mounted parachute. The DragQuoia is the brainchild of NHRA Top Fuel points leader Antron Brown, built as part of the Toyota Racing Dream Build Challenge. Go there to vote on your favorite, and enter for a chance to win a Toyota Racing Dream Trip to an NHRA or NASCAR race. via: Autoblog