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2015 Ford Mustang

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For its 2015 model year, Ford will give its all-American muscle car a heavy makeover with very futuristic lines and a new powertrain. Replacing the retro styling that made its way into the Mustang's design for the last few years, Ford will now pick up an Aston Martin flair that is actually inspired by the brand's new Fusion sedan, essentially moves aimed at attracting younger buyers. Aside from the curvier body, smooth lines, and the fact that it will be keeping its shark-nosed grille, Ford will be giving this pony an independent rear axle and rumors are pointing toward a turbocharged EcoBoost four and six-cylinder underneath the hood in addition to the usual V8 range.  Inside, the MyFord Touch Screen system will be surrounded by a convex brushed-aluminum dash panel that is similar to the current model. Overall, a series of changes that will easily satisfy buyers on both sides of the Atlantic after a year of flagging sales. Look for this next-generation 'Stang to make its dealership debut in late 2014.

via: CarScoop