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Acapulco Gold - Fall 2012 Collection Lookbook

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New York's Acapulco Gold wants to shine some sunlight on your Fall/Winter 2012 line-up with the release of their lookbook of all their latest product. Featuring an expanded range of headwear (snapbacks, caps, knitted caps, and beanies), graphic Tees, sweaters, a series of pants, and outerwear, the collection is hard to pin-down into one theme, but its safe to say that the medley of prints and logos combined with the line's overall attention to detail continues to tow the AG tradition. There are a lot of big fish in this release, including the Scorpion "G" Baseball Jacket, pin-up girl and geisha Tees, and streetwear staples like camo corduroy workpants, flannels, and New Era fitteds that showcase the continued maturity of the brand and their willingness to source a variety of materials. Check out extended looks at all the new product below and visit their online store to shop your favorites.