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Bridgestone Angelino Petite Electric Bicycle

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Built with two integrated child seats and safety systems, this Bridgestone Angelino Assista e-Bike is made for moms on the go. It features a three-speed pedal-assist function, which helps a rider climb hills and zip through straightaways, while a low center of gravity helped by wide 20-inch diameter tires, providing a stable ride and easy control. The aluminum frame is strong enough to hold three people, and is powered by a 240w brushless motor, good for a 37-mile range. It may not be the prettiest e-bike we've ever seen, but safety and functionality are the main selling points here. Bridgestone reports sales reaching 300,000 units in its home market of Japan, with a price point for the Assista set at 141,800 yen (or $1,800 USD). via: designboom