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Oakley Airwave Goggle

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You may not be cruising at 20,000 feet with rockets attached to your wings, but Oakley's Airwave Goggles are the first step to giving you the futuristic heads-up display enjoyed by fighter pilots and Halo's Master Chief. Apart from Oakley's signature style, polarized lenses, and graphic head strap, the goggles use the latest in HUD technology to give you the stats you need to enhance your trip down the slopes, including distance, speed, airtime, and temperature, plus select preloaded resort map information, much like the pair we recently previewed by Recon Instruments and Smith Optics. Not satisfied to stop there, Oakley also integrated Bluetooth connectivity technology to display incoming calls, texts, and music as well as GPS locator so you can keep tabs on your buddies for a one-gadget-does-all experience that minimizes your gloves-off time. Pretty sick. You can purchase them now from the Apple store for  £499.95 GBP (approximately $800 USD)